Escape Club

Escape Club is a reality television series that premiered on June 8th, 2014 on E!

Have you ever wanted to just drop everything and escape your life without leaving a trace? Welcome to Escape Club.
E!’s newest reality series revolves around 12 twenty-somethings who have abandoned their lives to live in paradise. Set on the luxurious beaches of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, the group has the chance to redefine their destiny and change their lives…but no one told them it came at a price.

Cut off from the outside world, the guests soon learn that living on an island isn’t all about suntans and champagne. They must fight for their spot on the island and prove that they are worthy of the grand prize—an entire year with all expenses paid to continue their escape.
Each week they must plot and scheme in order to maintain their spot on the island. Alliances will be made, friendships will be broken and loyalty will be questioned. No one is ever truly safe—and some will do anything to remain in paradise.

Oh, and there’s one more catch: throughout their stay, the group will be visited by various people from back home—from exes and enemies to friends and family, there are no limits as to who could show up, which only goes to show that you can run…but you can never escape from your past.